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Method/procedure for water biofilm Collection filtration (week 12) Since last week I never had the chance to share the methods/procedures for water bio-film collection filtration, I’ll be delighted to do so this week.
500-1000 milliliter (mL) of first water was drawn. First draw water is the water obtained immediately once the faucet is opened. Using two sterile swabs the faucet, drain, or shower head was swabbed and placed in a 50-mL conical tube. Using aseptic technique, the lower portion of the filter base was unwrapped, which allowed us to insert the base of the rubber stopper in the neck of the 1-liter Erlenmeyer flask. Then, using flame-sterilized forceps, the membrane filter on the filter base with the grid side up was placed aseptically. The filtration apparatus ended by aseptically removing the glass receptacle from the foil, and setting the lower surface on top of the membrane filter. The filter funnel was clamped to the filter base allowing comfortable pouring of 250-500mL o…

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