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Look at this beauty (Week 14) This week was the conclusion of our research. We capped our research (for this semester) at the test for biodegradation for all days (day 7, day 14, day 21, & day 28). Hopefully, next semester the examination for biodegradation utilizing FTIR and various techniques will be observed. Because it’s our final week in the laboratory, we have a lot of cleaning ahead of us. Different plates and tubes are lying everywhere in the microbiology prep. room, and we have to clean. While cleaning, I found my designated bacteria, Pseudomonas fluorescens, on a PIA plate relaxing. As I have mentioned before, Pseudomonas fluorescens got its name due to the pigment it emits under UV light. I took the time to observe this pigment under the UV light and witnessed another glow (figure 1).             I would like to end my blog by thanking everyone in the TRAIN faculty. Every single individual had a part to play in my success throughout my stay at Phoenix College, and I could…

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