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Week 5 Before I blog about this week’s events, since people have been asking me about how I treat my microplastics (plastics 5mm or under) -- I wanted to let you guys know about the procedure I use. All the methods can be found on my blog (Week 2, February 2, 2018) and I’m happy to answer any questions anyone has. This week was a setback. Out of our sixteen plates (Pseudomonas species + plastic types 3,4,5, &6), four were contaminated. By now the team has gotten used to Pseudomonas stutzeri turning pink supposedly when “contaminated.” This happened twice last semester. We have two hypotheses to why Pseudomonas stutzeri and Pseudomonas putida change pigments to pink when growing. The first fair hypothesis is due to contamination of other bacteria species mainly Serratia marcescens, a common soil bacterium known to have a pink pigment. The second hypothesis came from an article I was reading from. Since Pseudomonas stutzeri is an aerobic (needs air to grow) bacterium when sealed with…

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